Huffman Codes (i) Data can be encoded efficiently using Huffman Codes. (ii) It is a widely used and beneficial technique for compressing data. (iii) Huffman's greedy algorithm uses a table of the frequencies of occurrences of each character to build up an optimal way of representing each character as a binary string.
  • IDLE (Python GUI) which is a user interface to write python codes and files Below image picture depicts two different screens. The screen on your left is the Python (command line) i.e. that Python shell and to the right is the IDLE (Python GUI) where you can create files and write your code there. Step-4: Python Shell and Python GUI Screens

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    18 lines: 8-Queens Problem (recursion) BOARD_SIZE = 8 def under_attack(col, queens): left = right = col for r, c in reversed(queens): left, right = left - 1, right + 1 if c in (left, col, right): return True return False def solve(n): if n == 0: return [[]] smaller_solutions = solve(n - 1) return [solution+[(n,i+1)] for i in range(BOARD_SIZE) for solution in smaller_solutions if not under_attack(i+1, solution)] for answer in solve(BOARD_SIZE): print (answer)

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    All Python code should have docstrings at the module, class and method level. Not every single method requires a docstring. Some method names are really well chosen, and little more needs to be said. Most times, however, documentation is essential for clarity. Python documentation is often written using the reStructuredText (RST) markup.

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