-Once the fluid has stopped dripping out of the transmission, clean up the drain plug and put it back in. I tightened it with an impact gun, so no torque specs here, but make sure its tightened to the point where you can really turn it anymore.
  • Transmission Fluid: 30,000 miles: 48,000 km: 24 mo. Replace Aisin (AS69RC) Transmission Filter: 60,000 miles: 96,000 km: 48 mo. Replace Transfer Case Fluid: 60,000 miles: 96,000: 48 mo. Replace Rear Differential Fluid: Inspect every 20,000 miles; Add Fluid if necessary: Inspect every 32,000 km; Add Fluid if necessary: N/A: Replace Front Differential Fluid: Inspect every 20,000 miles;

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    Aisin-Warner is an OE manufacturer of transmissions for many vehicle makes, including Ford, GM, Audi,Toyota, Saab, Volvo, Volkswagen, and Porsche. The unique formulation of Aisin fluid is designed to provide excellent lubrication of transmissions in specified Aisin AW slip-controlled lock-up automatic transmissions.

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    This is a quick write up for Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill procedure on 2nd GEN CTS. For you weekend DYI folks that want to give your CTS a quick thank...

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    TRANSMISSION FLUID OE INTERCHANGE AISIN Automatic & CVT Transmission Fluid OE Interchange ... ASRC 05189966AB FORD XT-8QAW 88900925 9986195 HYUNDAI 00232-19023

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