5. Compare the types of elements found (metals or nonmetals) for the two classes of compounds. Do you see any trend in the type of elements present and the classification? anð ponrMf(LL Exercising Your Knowledge 6. Classify each of the following as either ionic or covalent. h. i. BaS CsF2 crc13 C02 co ionic ìonlC cosJalenF c. COBr2 d. OF2 N 02
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    Ask questions for your classmates to answer. 1. What can separate the two continents? 2. What is your nationality? 3. Are Russians a peace-loving nation? 4. The sea separates England from France, doesn't it? 5. When do we call a person curious? 6. What is the national anthem of Great Britain?

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    Section 18–3 Kingdoms and Domains(pages 457–461) This section describes the six kingdoms of life as they are now identified. It also describes the three-domain system of classification. The Tree of Life Evolves(pages 457–458) 1. Is the following sentence true or false? The scientific view of life was more complex in Linnaeus’s time. 2.

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