After creating all required classes under different packages, Now It Is time to create required .xls files. Please note here that this framework will not support .xlsx files but It will support only .xls files so please create only .xls files as described bellow.
  • It seems like the "File URL"(probably should be named Test Results Location, it's not a URL) field doesn't accept relative paths. When running a build on an jenkins linux agent hwile the master Jenkins runs on windows, the plugin can't find results file see stack trace below.

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    Since the rest quickstarts has a relative path configured JBoss Fuse Fabric allocates a port for when provisioning a container with the rest quickstart. In our first container this was 8182. To see the endpoint of our new container we can again go to the Services -> APIs tab in Hawtio and take look:

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    Should be linear relative to the size of the file being checked out. Should be linear relative to the size of the file being checked out. Should be linear with respect to the total size of the files in the commit's snapshot. Should be constant with respect to any measure involving number of commits.

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